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Kakao, Commax to build AI Smart Home Solutions


Kakao will put in its AI platform, Kakao I, into Commax's smart home devices, the companies said.

Commax offers interphones, videophones, and various home network systems as well as security for smart homes.

The chat giant's AI platform will go into Commax's videophones, wall pads, and the firm's voice recognition display, "Answer".

Users will be able to command the home through chat messages and voice commands and use various Kakao services on the devices.

For example, the video phone, using Kakao I's visual engine, will recognise who the visitor is and the homeowner will receive their video or photo on the chat app. The home owner can chat or make a voice command to open the door for them.

Commax will launch Kakao I-powered smart home devices beginning next year.

Last month, Kakao announced that its AI platform will go into smart homes built by POSCO and GS.

Earlier this month, the company said it will provide development tools for Kakao I so that developers can create their own services or products using the platform.

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